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Extra information
img1 Photo erxellated space - Mugabe's mansion per year(annum) R100.00 (ZAR) Buy a photo with a link to your website
img2 Erxell t-shirt per t-shirt R200.00 (ZAR) Packaged and sent
img3 Erxell ruler
per ruler R800.00 (ZAR) Packaged and sent.

Click here to see more specs on this awesome ruler.

img4 Erxell stickers
per sticker R80.00 (ZAR)
img5 Earth finished erxell
for a 1 year cycle, renewable 50$ per painted on erxell or 100$ per crop circle greened out erxell All prices are for finished on shack actual signange, completed.

Half upfront, half on delivery - informal settlements chosen at the discretion of the erxell team.

Prices can go up depending on complexity of logo design, and a minimum purchase of 21 erxells is the smallest erxellated signage purchasable and then it jumps to 34 erxells and then 55 erxells and up by increments of fibonacci.
img6 Erxellated creative drawing board
per board R2 500.00 (ZAR)
img7 Erxellated creative pod
per pod R4 500.00 (ZAR)
img8 Erxell artist easel
per artist easel R1 500.00 (ZAR) View our gallery and see the Erxell board, pod and easel in more detail.

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